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William Holland Thomas' Legion of Cherokee Indians and Highlanders [Mountaineers]

William Holland Thomas' Legion of Cherokee Indians and Highlanders [Mountaineers] | Cherokees | Confederate Colonel William "Will" Holland Thomas

William Holland Thomas' Legion of Cherokee Indians and Highlanders / Mountaineers



William Holland Thomas served as Confederate Colonel of North Carolina's sole Legion in the American Civil War. The Thomas Legion is commonly called the 69th North Carolina Infantry Regiment. He served with James R. Love, William C. Walker, and William Williams Stringfield. The Legion consisted of Love's Regiment, Walker's Battalion (80th Battalion), and Levi's Light Artillery BatteryThe Thomas Legion fought in the Cumberland Gap, Smoky Mountains, Kentucky, North Carolina, Maryland and Virginia areas. They are known for the last battle of the Civil War in North Carolina, also called: The Last Shot, and the Last Battle of Waynesville, North Carolina. The Battle of Waynesville, N.C., also reflected the sheer determination of the Western North Carolinians.

Thomas' Legion was awarded the rare Confederate Medal of Honor, fired "The Last Shot" of the American Civil War east of the Mississippi, and first to recruit Cherokee Indians. They are perhaps the only 'military unit' in history to have captured an occupied city in order to negotiate their own surrender. William Thomas is cousin to President Zachary Taylor, in-law to Confederate President Jefferson Davis, and is the only 'White Cherokee Chief'.

Click below for detailed Official History of Thomas' Legion of Cherokee Indians and Highlanders [North Carolina's sole American Civil War legion]. Included: rare "Official William Holland Thomas Papers".

"Official History" for Thomas' Legion of Cherokee Indians and Highlanders

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